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I promised Draco that I would personally see to it that the other prefects didn't disturb him when he came to bathe tonight. Since I feel I owe it to Lucius to look after his son's well-being, especially after what those Gryffindors put him through, I'm just about to go and stand outside the prefect bathroom, so I can be sure no one but Draco goes in.

What was that?

A school owl just swooped into the room. Of all times to get a message...wait, it's from Poppy. It seems that since she has no patients just now, she was doing a routine inspection of her supply closet. Her spare thermometer fell off the shelf and broke, and do I have an extra I could bring to her?

A thermometer? She's interrupting my duties as head of Slytherin house to bring a thermometer up to the hospital wing? Where she's in the supply closet...alone...with no one within earshot...

Well. I suppose that really is more urgent than guarding the bathroom. I mean, it is critically important that she be able to take temperatures. Maybe I should even have her take mine...I sense my mercury is rising even now.
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