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I never knew that Poppy was so concerned with how she treats her medical equipment. Of course, being a nurse, she's very emphatic about hygiene and and a sterile environment. So when I brought her my thermometer, she insisted on cleaning it thoroughly. She seemed quite pleased with the instrument and, once it was washed to her satisfaction, she smeared some kind of salve on it which she explained would enhance its performance. Then she slipped it into a container just the right size.

I don't think the students of this school are properly appreciative of how skillful a nurse they have. I know I certainly never really appreciated her before, but that's all in the past. Poppy's gifts are a real asset to Hogwarts, and I plan to show my appreciation for them as often as possible. Perhaps we can arrange for me to help her in her supply closet in exchange for her assisting me in my ingredients larder; I mean, she's so petite that she needs a helping hand to reach the highest levels. And I would be glad to have her work with my mortar and pestle.
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