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well, that was unexpected

Happy birthday to me, indeed!

I had the mead almost finished within half an hour of my last entry. It was becoming harder to dance, and I thought I heard a funny noise anyway, so I shut off the music.

There it was. A knocking on my dungeon door. Inebriated and unthinking, I opened it wide.

What I saw was enough to sober me up almost completely. Madam Pomfrey stood on my doorstep, a round cake with chocolate frosting in her hands, looking positively stunned. Poppy was blushing as bright red as the flower for which she's named as she stared at my corset. She almost dropped her cake, so I grabbed it and pulled her into the room, shutting the door.

"What are you..." I started to ask, but then I glanced at the cake. Happy Birthday Severus was written in sticky white icing. "How did you know?" My voice was only slightly slurred.

"I -- I heard Professor Dumbledore telling someone." Poppy was breathing heavily, apparently still recovering from the shock. "I know -- I know you like -- chocolate, and I thought -- " Her pretty face was still flushed, her eyes wide. I watched those eyes travel down to my thong, and she blushed brighter still.

Perhaps the mead was still affecting my brain, because I reached over and pulled the nurse's cap off of her head. The mass of honey-blonde hair spilled out of its tidy bun and over her shoulders. Then I scooped a bit of frosting onto one fingertip and brought it to my lips.

"Delicious," I drawled, scooping up some more. "Try it." I smeared the frosting onto her mouth, and she delicately licked it off. A funny little smile was starting to play across her face, and her eyes went from astonished to mischievous.

"Yes, it is," she agreed, looking me over again. The thong felt even tighter suddenly as she slowly dragged the boa away from my shoulders. "Tell me, Severus...when was your last physical? You know the teachers have to be checked every year, and I don't recall giving you one."

This went on for quite some time. I'd never been with anyone who wasn't a Slytherin before, but let me tell you, those Hufflepuff alumni have some very interesting ideas. Between mouthfuls of cake (taken off of various parts of her person), this lovely young nurse gave me a very thorough physical. She examined my every inch and paid particular attention to a specific few of them, which she said had clearly not gotten sufficient exercise.

Most of the cake was gone when the door suddenly opened. I tore my eyes away from Poppy only to see...


I stared, open-mouthed, at the golden-haired man from my most cherished memories. He swept his steely gaze over the pair of us, then smiled and pulled off his velvet cloak.

"I see you started the party without me, Severus," he said coolly, striding over. "Not that I blame you," he added with an approving glance at my chocolate-smeared nurse.

The next few hours disappeared in a haze of pleasure that I can only just remember. Lucius was quite willing to assist Poppy with her continued physical exam and gave me one of his own. Blondes and chocolate cake are the most wonderful things ever. At one point, I do remember we formed a delicious pile on my bed, with Lucius -- beautiful, cold Lucius -- above me and Poppy -- warm, sweet-scented Poppy -- underneath.

What a birthday.

Poppy is stirring now; she just gave a blissful little moan in her sleep. I see a bit of chocolate that we somehow missed, and I should really go clean that off of her.
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