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I was determined to get to the bottom of this whole Draco-Ginny Weasley situation. I knew there was no point in questioning Draco; he would either tell me nothing was happening, or he would just tell me the same things he told his father. Either way, it would accomplish nothing.

So after her last Potions class, I kept Miss Weasley behind for a few questions. I inquired about extracurricular activities, and she began babbling about Quidditch and how she couldn't play if her grades weren't high enough, and it took a bit of interrupting on my part to shut her up. Next she began to talk nonsense about her midterm project, and it became even harder to stem the flow of words from her mouth.

Finally, I demanded to know what she had been doing with Draco. Immediately her whole aspect changed; she went from a nervous little chatterbox to looking puzzled and, to my infinite annoyance, disgusted. She pointed out that she had apologized for the house-elf incident, and I said I didn't mean that. The more I attempted to get information from her, the more repulsed she appeared. Clearly, the idea of doing anything half so enjoyable as shagging a Malfoy would give this girl nightmares. I finally sent her away, feeling triumphant.

Nothing could possibly have happened between Draco and Ginny. There are three reasons for me to believe this:

1. If Draco is built anything like his father, Ginny wouldn't be able to walk straight for a few days. I'm only able to because of practice.

2. Had Draco actually shagged her, the girl would not be able to score as well on her examination as she did. I mean, she cleared an 85%, which for a Gryffindor is respectable. And there's no way she could be thinking so clearly and calmly if she had been shagged by a Malfoy any time in the previous week. Again, I'm only able to because of practice -- lots and lots of practice.

3. Gryffindors just don't lie very well. It's part of that whole "just and loyal and noble" bit. Slytherins, yes; Slytherins are cunning little blighters and can lie their way out of damn near anything. But Gryffindors? They couldn't fool me.

So now to send an owl to Lucius and let him know what I've determined, and see if we can figure out what Draco really has been doing. Not that it's not good for him, whatever it is, but because it's obviously distressing Lucius. And a distressed Lucius is not good for me.
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