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Found it!

I know that when I first got this diary, I was annoyed and mildly revolted. Well, I couldn't find it during the past week, and it turns out that I've grown somewhat attached to it. I was sadly missing it, not that there was much to tell...Poppy's been busy attending to the injured students, particularly Draco (she said he requested a sponge bath at one point, which amused us both terribly). We did find a bit of time alone on Wednesday night, however, so we could plan Lucius's birthday party.

Because of all the injuries caused by those ridiculous cats, we had to postpone the festivities. But he's scheduled to be here tonight, and Poppy's got two jars of chocolate frosting all ready to go -- one for the cake, and one for herself. We decided that Lucius's birthday present would be to enter my room and find Poppy, totally coated in chocolate and tied to the bed. The idea appealed to us both so much that we had to test it out ourselves, with yet another jar of frosting. She has a new nickname; I've started calling her 'my little chocolate-covered strawberry.'

This will be one unforgettable party.
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