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it's been awhile

Well, final exams are coming up, as is Father's birthday. The first week of June are the exams, and then during the few days between the end of exams and the leaving feast is his surprise party. I arranged to buy some heavy wool socks from a supplier in Hogsmeade, which should please him.

Lucius is still in the dark about Draco and Ginny. We're all better off that way. He's only been up to visit once all month, but Poppy keeps me from getting too lonely.

Speaking of getting being busy, something is going on with Rolanda. She's walking around with an expression on her face like the cat who ate the canary. Poppy says they haven't done much together in recent weeks, which means that Hogwarts's resident dominatrix must be getting her jollies elsewhere. I admit I'm curious, but it doesn't really bother me. As long as she's content with whatever else she's got, there's that much more blonde nurse for me.

The other teachers have figured out that there's something between us. If we'd been hiding it before, it pretty much got revealed at the last staff meeting...she was in quite the cuddly mood that day, and who am I to refuse her? Nobody (besides Rolanda) seems particularly concerned about it, though I noticed a few of them appeared to be having gag reflexes.

I don't even care. They can gag until they're blue in the face. I'm happy for perhaps the only time in my whole life, and they can just live with it.

Though...perhaps I should break down and tell her how I feel.

Cascading waves of honey, flow
and drench the moon-kissed alabaster skin
of my Venus as she rises.
O perfect pearl of womanhood!
O rapture of my life!
The pinnacle of all desires,
the fire which burns within my heart,
the dazzling agony of a single kiss
before you curl into my arms and sleep,
my ivory queen of darkest night.
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